There is a curated retrospective of the least spiteful (nb. still quite spiteful) and least boring (nb. still quite boring) and least badly recorded (nb. still quite badly recorded) Pig, The songs from 2002-2012 up here.
Constituent PIG THE members also feature on this thing from last year or the year before.

There is also also a new Pigthe project in the works. It is an album + an interactive fiction game about bodily decay, ageing and wretchedness.


There is a new Pig, The album that has happened. Its name and tracklist can be found here.
In honour of recent (and, to be fair, ongoing) trends in indie releases, it is released as a limited edition, in a special format. There is a limited edition of 1 copy. The special format is that it is released as an insert in a PhD thesis. The album has been specifically mixed to be listened to loudly, on speakers. However, it will only be possible to listen to the album in one room in the entire world, on headphones.
In honour of the increasing marketisation of university education - in the UK in particular - the single copy of the album will be archived in the reference library of an elite English university. If you are not a member of a UK university (subject to course fees of up to 9000 per year), and wish to access the library to listen to the limited edition copy of the album, then charges may apply.
More details available on request.


Nothing has happened. Nothing has ever happened.
Soon there will be details of things to happen. The pigs are going to do a limited release of a new album. It will be going back to the pig the roots, the "Unnecessarily Doomy" roots, the playing-the-same-riff-in-a-bedroom-for-four-hours roots.

Also maybe some other stuff if I can stop watching shoot wrestling videos long enough to upload stuff to the internet.


A few months ago PigThe finished an album. But then we kind of didn't do anything. Also our internet person had a bit of an 'ataque de nervios' and so wasn't too hot on the internet scene (i.e. sending e-mails) for a little bit. So now we are (re-)launching the horrible album we made. Since a lot of it rips off James Joyce, we thought we'd do it today (no shame have the pigs).

This is a place where you can find the album, 'Welcome Back to Viridian':

Happy Fucking Bloomsday


So the pig the website has been a bit updated. There is some new stuff (have a look around).

Check it out (or don't)


Time does a thing and an album is finished (by pigthe).
It is called "Welcome Back to Viridian" and it is an 18-track prog mess about some books by some old-ass dudes and probably being a bit mental or something. It is also like a sequel to a 2005 thing that was called Welcome to Viridian that like only 4 people ever (genuine estimate) bothered listening to. That's okay though because it wasn't great.

Welcome Back to Viridian (the new one the 18 track prog mess) is currently being vetted by an actual human to see if it is an alright thing to let other people listen to.


- Slowly updating the pig the web site (putting things in so we can make the world's most boring rss feed)
- Mixing a rubbish album that everyone will find uncomfortable and isolating (+ shit). It is called something about green or something.
- Thinking about remixing old songs to put all the music online in nice quality (nobody wants to listen)
- Making short + unamusing quips at haus of twitter

This are the ways that pigthe begin the year.


this is test text


The first ever pigthe mixtape "the drought" is now available for download hereabouts:

[left click]

Hopefully you would like to download it and sample some pigthe in anticipation of the forthcoming, "Welcome Back to Viridian" album, which is pretty much set to change the world.

Or not, whatever

it's a free country.